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Blade Erosion: A Nightmare for MRO Shops

Airplane engine parts are altered during flights. As they are high added value parts, they are repaired to be used again. One of the main alterations happening to a part succeeding flights is erosion. What Is Erosion? Like a cliff that crumbles with time, the outline of jet engine blades slowly disintegrates in flight. This […]

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How to Successfully Implement Automation in a Factory?

Why Automate? In today’s reality, automating one’s factory has become more than a necessity; it’s a matter of survival. With the fourth industrial revolution at our doorstep, the future of manufacturing companies must be channeled into the integration of new technologies and intelligent automation. In order to keep up with the competition and ideally to […]

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Impacts of Tolerances Refinement

Tolerances refinement is a well-known concept for manufacturers in the aerospace industry. This new reality has a direct impact on how they do things. To succeed reaching new market standards, an upgrading of their plants and equipment is inevitable. Tolerances Refinement, Why? For airlines, fuel consumption is an important issue. Saving money is a priority. […]

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Adaptive Technology Progression

As noted in the previous blog post, there are different levels of complexity in adaptive technology. For this reason, there are regularly misunderstandings related to this concept in the automation industry. Let’s demystify them! Certain processes require adaptive basic solutions while others require more complex solutions. Normally, complex solutions are required when the automated system […]

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What is Adaptive Manufacturing Exactly?

The aerospace industry is a high technology sector, especially in the jet engines production. The market is in constant evolution. In the past years, the industry’s key players pressured the manufacturers to improve their engines by increasing fuel efficiency, reducing noise and by being more efficient. To obtain these results, jet engines manufacturers have needed […]

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