AV&R Aerospace’s Makeover!

New Look

Welcome on AV&R Aerospace’s new website. Visit it thoroughly to learn about our team’s specialties.

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Many Industries

AV&R’s Family

AV&R Aerospace is a brand of AV&R, engineering firm specialized in automation, vision, and robotics. Learn more about AV&R and its focused offers in energy and automation.

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Merger Completed

AV&R Officially Takes Off

IMAC Automation and AV&R Vision & Robotics have successfully completed their merger, giving birth to AV&R, the largest aerospace industry robotics firm in the world.

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AV&R Aerospace’s robotic leading and trailing edges profiling systems create high precision elliptical profiles on blades and vanes. Its team’s expertise, proven throughout 50 systems, will allow you to ensure quality and reduce fuel consumption, both on new parts and in MRO.


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AV&R Aerospace automates high precision edge finishing which includes deburring, creating radius and chamfer on an edge. These processes are mostly performed on edges of gas turbine blades and vanes (dove-tail, platforms, tips, cooling holes, etc.). Your production’s repeatability will be assured!

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AV&R Aerospace offers polishing solutions for gas turbines in the aerospace industry. Its systems use many technologies such as force feedback, adaptive polishing, and closed-loop machining with high-level calibration. Use less abrasives and save costs with automation!

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AV&R Aerospace’s painting specialists create automated spraying solutions of paint, coating, lacquer or varnish. They automate dipping processes or dispensing of sealant and adhesive materials.The robotic systems apply precise and consistent coating to aerospace components without leaving drips, inconsistencies and wasteful overspray.

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Visual Inspection

AV&R Aerospace’s automated visual inspection systems guarantee that the parts are free of surface defects. Its systems overcome challenges related to the discrimination between real defects and anomalies related to normal variations in manufacturing processes which are considered acceptable.

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Expert in the Aerospace Industry, the engineering team of AV&R Aerospace often automates secondary operations to its robotic systems such as machine tending, machining, marking, etc. Its team can also automate the assembly of your components and even optimize your production lines or turn them into fully automated ones.

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