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New Blog Post: CNC vs Robot

What are the differences between a CNC and a robotic system? What are their characteristics and how do you determine which one is best suited to the needs of your industry? Our latest article will detail the advantages and possible disadvantages of CNC and robotics by looking at the aerospace industry and more specifically in […]

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News from AV&R

Mr. Dupont’s Nomination We are proud to announce that Jean-François Dupont, AV&R’s C.E.O., has been elected to be a member on Aero Montreal’s Board of Directors. It is going to be his second term of 2 years. The official announcement was made on May 17th during the Annual General Meeting. Congratulations to all elected officials! […]

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Great visibility for AV&R Aerospace

AV&R Aerospace at Aero-Engines Europe Eric Beauregard, AV&R Aerospace’s Executive Vice President, will be present at the Aero-Engines Europe event in Hamburg, Germany, from September 12th to September 13th. He will be moderator at the conference: “Focus on OEM: EIS Platforms and Maintenance Network Developments”. To stimulate discussion, he will benefit from the input of […]

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New Blog Post: Trailing Edges

Aerodynamics is the crux of the matter in an airplane engine. The more aerodynamic blades are, the more efficient and fuel economical the engine is, saving astronomical sums for the airlines. Therefore, since several years, motorists equip themselves with robotic adaptive systems to profile with high precision forged and machined blades and even to recreate […]

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New Article on our Blog

The evolution is constant in all areas. Robotics is no exception and has also evolved, but as advances in technology normally simplify the use, robotics became more and more complex. This problem recently got blatant, forcing the world of robotics to react. Learn more about the solutions of some companies by reading the new post […]

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