About AV&R Aerospace

AV&R Aerospace is a brand of AV&R, engineering firm specializing in automation with more than 100 employees spread on 2 sites operating worldwide. It offers automation solutions, machine vision, and robotics. For more information, visit AV&R’s website.

To humanize robotics !

AV&R Aerospace’s Offer

AV&R Aerospace specializes in complex automation projects requiring a high level of precision. Hence, it has been working in the Aerospace Industry for over 20 years. Its team of more than 80 engineering graduates are known as aerospace specialist and has completed more than 600 projects to date.

Their areas of expertise were developed on gas turbine critical rotating parts (with or without coating), which are nowadays AV&R Aerospace’s core business.

AV&R Aerospace is specialized in:

AV&R Aerospace stays in front of the competition due to its systems’ high levels of precision and repeatability, levels reached thanks to the combination of vision and robotics.

The robotic systems developed by its team are designed to meet its clients’ obligations and requirements as well as industry standards.

Visit this website thoroughly to learn more about each of these areas of expertise!

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