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Thinning Trailing Edges

New Trend: Trailing Edges Aerodynamics is the crux of the matter in an airplane engine. The more aerodynamic blades are, the more efficient and fuel economical the engine is, saving astronomical sums for the airlines. The design of the blades is obviously made with this aspect in mind, but when it comes to manufacturing them, […]

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Democratize Robotics

The evolution is constant in all areas. Automation is no exception. Where there used to be gliders and the Wright Flyer, today we have planes with jet engines, autopilots and supersonic jets. From automation is born robotics. In manufacturing plants, we encounter robots that paint cars, others that assemble electronic circuits and even robots who […]

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Blade Erosion: A Nightmare for MRO Shops

Airplane engine parts are altered during flights. As they are high added value parts, they are repaired to be used again. One of the main alterations happening to a part succeeding flights is erosion. What Is Erosion? Like a cliff that crumbles with time, the outline of jet engine blades slowly disintegrates in flight. This […]

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How to Successfully Implement Automation in a Factory?

Why Automate? In today’s reality, automating one’s factory has become more than a necessity; it’s a matter of survival. With the fourth industrial revolution at our doorstep, the future of manufacturing companies must be channeled into the integration of new technologies and intelligent automation. In order to keep up with the competition and ideally to […]

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Impacts of Tolerances Refinement

Tolerances refinement is a well-known concept for manufacturers in the aerospace industry. This new reality has a direct impact on how they do things. To succeed reaching new market standards, an upgrading of their plants and equipment is inevitable. Tolerances Refinement, Why? For airlines, fuel consumption is an important issue. Saving money is a priority. […]

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