Discover Automated Polishing

AV&R Aerospace’s polishing systems polish large parts using adaptive technologies, force and inspection feedback according to the type of finishing being performed. They polish the blade’s foil, platform, and fillet and can also profile its leading and trailing edges.

Surface finish often being hard to obtain without removing too much material, the automation of that process is the best way to ensure its performance. AV&R Aerospace’s team has developed robotic systems that polish gas turbine’s blades, vanes, and fan blades ensuring the finish of the surface is neat and fits within your tight tolerances needs.

APolissage-MetallicBlade-Polishing-AVR-11Butomated Polishing Benefits

When you replace manual linishing, sanding, polishing or surface finishing by a fully capable automated system, you:

  • Increase quality and repeatability by eliminating human subjectivity
  • Reduce workers’ injuries
  • Minimize the harmful effects of dust in the plant with integrated dust collector
  • Optimize tool use realizing abrasive cost reduction
  • Get faster cycle times
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Save time and ensure quality by combining automated inspection and validation in the same system

Polishing Systems Specifications

Main Processes Inspection, Adaptive, and
Closed-loop Capabilities
Polishing Leading and trailing edge feedback
Sanding Chord length feedback
Linishing Wall thickness feedback
Surface finishing Coating thickness feedback
Leading and trailing edge profiling Etc.
Mismatch blending

Do not hesitate to call AV&R Aerospace’s experts for more information on this offer.

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