New Make Profiling

Automated Profiling at Its Best

AV&R Aerospace’s automated profiling systems create high precision elliptical profiles on blades and vanes according to the engineers’ design. These 6 axis systems integrate adaptive and closed-loop capabilities coupled with final leading and trailing edges profile inspection to reach a ± 37.5 micron tolerance (± 1.5 thousandth of an inch).

May it be for vanes, compressor, HPT & LPT, or fan blades, AV&R Aerospace’s systems reach precision tolerances necessary for new jet engine designs.

Robotic Profiling BenefitsRayonnage-aubes-compresseur-Blending-Compressor-Blade-AVR

When you automate your blade profiling operations in your plant, you:

  • Improve quality and consistency of your production
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce abrasive consumption (up to 75%) and therefore its cost
  • Improve ergonomics and safety

Main Technologies

  • Leading and trailing edge profiling
  • Foil, platform, and fillet polishing
  • Chord length feedback
  • Final edge profile feedback

Profiling is a very precise operation. Work with a team of experts in precision to ensure the automation of this process answers the blueprint requests and works in your production environment. Contact AV&R Aerospace’s team for more information.

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