Visual Inspection

Ensure Quality with Automated Visual Inspection System

Visual Inspection refers to the inspection of an object’s surface to detect random surface defects such as dents, scratches, tooling marks, etc. Therefore, automated visual inspection systems are robotic solutions automatically executing this inspection.

AV&R Aerospace’s systems use machine vision, algorithms completely adapted by its team of engineers and robots mimicking human tasks to perform this completely automated inspection on gas turbine parts such as blades, variable vanes and blisks / IBRs.

AV&R Aerospace’s Visual Inspection systems detect every defect a conscientious human eye can see such as handling defects (dents, nicks, scratches, chips, pits, etc.) or process defects (polishing marks, grinder marks, inadequate shot peening, coating chip, etc.).

The inspection systems can also recognize 2D characters and ensure a feature is positioned properly or is within the required dimension. This inspection also includes surface profile analysis and the software tools use caliper and morphologic analysis.

AV&R Aerospace has designed systems which can validate assembly with its given capability to archive images of the assembly or specific components and to perform optical character recognition to validate that a specific component is present and conform.

Automated Visual Inspection Benefits

  • Elimination of human subjectivity in visual inspection
  • Complete 100% inspection
  • Inspection-visuelle-Blade-Visual-Inspection-AVRFeedback on the process quality
  • Reduction of the possibility of a non-conform part being shipped

Here are a few automated visual inspection projects implemented by AV&R Aerospace:

  • Inspection of turbine and compressor blades, variable vanes and blisks / IBRs (looking for defects)
  • Validation of cooling hole presence
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • 2D matrix dot marking reading
  • Assembly validation of complete aircraft engines

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