High Precision Elliptical Profiling

AV&R Aerospace has developed an expertise in high precision profiling. To create elliptical profiles on the leading or the trailing edges of your blades, you are in good hands with its engineering team; it has acquired knowledge through the implementation of 75 automated profiling systems.Systeme-automatise-profilage-Automated-Profiling-System-AVR

Offering the capacity to include final profile inspection, these systems are the right choice either for profiling new parts or to re-profile parts during their service life (MRO). Learn more about both offers:

AV&R Aerospace’s automated profiling system won the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ 2012 Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture Award. It was also selected as a finalist in Aviation Week’s Innovation Challenge Contest.

The precision reached by AV&R Aerospace’s robotic profiling systems is unattained by other automation companies. Work with the best and contact AV&R Aerospace today!

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