Robotic Deburring at Your Service

AV&R Aerospace’s automated deburring solutions deburr and create radius on jet engine blades. The robotic systems finish the edges of the dove-tail, the shroud, the tip, and the platform. They automatically adjust the manufacturing recipe according to the tool’s wear and aggressiveness.

The robotic deburring systems created by AV&R Aerospace work on various types of blades, such as HPT, LPT, and compressor blades.

Automated Deburring Benefits

From a business perspective, replacing manual deburring by a robotic system:

  • Improves quality and consistency of your production by eliminating human subjectivity
  • Reduces abrasive consumption
  • Systeme-ebavurage-Deburring-System-AVRReduces workers’ injuries

Main Technologies

In the deburring systems, AV&R Aerospace’s team can include a multitude of options, including, but by no means exhaustive:

  • Deburring
  • Creating radius / chamfer
  • Edge breaking
  • Edge feedback
  • Dot pin marking

Increase your production’s quality with AV&R Aerospace’s deburring systems: contact its team today!

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