Aerospace Automation Experts

Experts in automation for the Aerospace Industry, AV&R Aerospace’s team of engineers offer automation integration services to its clients. Their requests, often touching critical operations for the entire industry, have time and again led to the birth of new specialties for AV&R Aerospace’s team. Contact them and visit the current website often since new areas of expertise can be added anytime!

AV&R Aerospace’s team encompasses more than 80 professionals offering automation services adapted to your needs and reality.

Automatisation-convoyeur-Conveyor-Automation-AVRHereunder is a list of processes AV&R Aerospace often automates and for which its team of engineers have developed know-how:

  • Production line’s optimization and design
  • Automated Assembly and sub-assembly of components
  • Tailor-made automation and robotics solutions
  • Robot, user-interface, software, and database programming

Secondary operations to AV&R Aerospace’s systems are very often automated, such as:

  • Machine tending
  • Machining
  • Marking
  • Material handling
  • Packaging

The automation of processes allows reduction in production and labor costs, as well as improved productivity and quality. May it be for turnkey solutions or requests on a time and material basis, contact AV&R Aerospace’s team to raise your plant to the next level!

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